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Heart Of A Fighter

Heart Of A Fighter is growing our program through teaching, developing, and listening to women who have served in the military. Female Veterans have unique needs upon returning home. Heart Of A Fighter is committed to assisting you in your transition back into family life, the work place, and your pursuit of overall happiness. We can help with:

  • Resume Writing
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Understanding your benefits.
  • Empowering you through health and wellness
  • Business Incubator Program

My Challenges Didn’t Define Me My Actions Did

Recent from the blog

  • Little did my mother realize what a proud legacy she would pass on to her children when she joined the US Navy in 1952. [S]he inspired a daughter to follow (in) her military footsteps.
    Veronica T. Sanchez, SSgt, USAF, 1980-88
  • I am very proud to say that we are but a single link, forged by adversity, in the chain started by pioneer women before us!
    CWO2 Laura E. Freeman, USCG, 1995-present
  • Though we no longer are referred to as “donut dollies,” I am so proud of all of the women of the Red Cross who paved the way and am very proud to be included in their ranks.
    Jana T. Sweeny, American Red Cross, 1996-present
  • I am proud to have served in the US Navy and to have been one among the thousands of women to break the glass ceiling for future military women.
    Vanessa Carnazza Askren, ADJ3, USN, 1976-1980
  • What an honor it is to be a woman today, as we view history in the making … from once upon a time when women were not allowed to serve in the military, to the present where women now serve in combat roles.
    SrA Courtney S. Beard, USAF, 2007-present
  • A woman in uniform is never alone. She has the support and foundation of the women before her and the responsibility to ensure her service continues their legacy of honor, pride and distinction. It is a continuing bond—an elite sisterhood of women in military service.
    MSgt Denyse S. Gordon, USAFR, 1993-present
  • When you’re young, … you think that you created all of that awesome. Then you realize, ‘Wow! There are people who came before me!’ So, we have a responsibility, … to reach back … and say, ‘Hey, you didn’t get here all by yourself.’
    SgtMaj Laura Brown, USMC, 1984-present
  • I served with so many women who inspired me, encouraged me, and taught me … the significant responsibility I had as a woman in the US military. They offered me their shoulders to stand on and their experiences to learn from.
    Jeanette C. Haynes, SSgt, USMC, 1978-93
  • One of the proudest moments of my life was … when my daughter graduated … and I commissioned her as a US Air Force Second Lieutenant. Her grandmother gave her the first salute! We’re so proud of our three generations of service.
    Lt. Col. Johnita C. Wood, USMCR Ret., 1973-96
  • I am thankful for the legacy of female servicemembers (who) so honorably paved the way for me … . I gratefully stand on the shoulders of giants.
    Jennifer L. Smith, SSG, USA, 1990-92

If You Have Always Wanted to Serve, Now Is Your Time!



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Meet Our Team

The driving force behind Heart Of A Fighter.

Suzanne is a 12 year Naval Aviation Veteran, Founder and Executive Director.

Suzanne Oliver

Executive Director and Founder
Penny Zenker is a productivity expert, strategic coach, international speaker and trainer, radio personality, and author.

Penny Zenker

Maria consults Fortune 100 companies on project methodologies, process improvements and organizational change.

Maria Matarelli

Vice President
Trina Mayo-Day is a Training and Development professional, Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certified.

Trina Mayo Day

Ed currently serves on the advisory board and consults with Cure Care, Inc., a San-Diego-based medical equipment company.

Edward L. Rholl


Warrior Sister Stories

Female Veterans Prevail

Female Veterans Prevail

No Longer An Outsider I remember joining the Navy in the 70s, there was a cap on the total percentage of women that could be in the military. I had to wait six months before going in and I still...
The Effects Of War On Our Warrior Sisters

The Effects Of War On Our Warrior Sisters

Suicide rate of female military veterans is called ‘staggering’ Military women commit suicide at a rate of 6 time of other women, here is one example. At 30, Brunette seemingly had it...
Transitioning Our Warrior Sisters

Transitioning Our Warrior Sisters

Women have volunteered to serve in the U.S. military since the American Revolution. Today, they constitute approximately 20 percent of new recruits, 14.5 percent of the 1.4 million active duty...
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